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How to pay a Cactusoft invoice online

You can pay a Cactusoft invoice online using a credit card

  1. Go to our web site payment form: http://www.kartris.com/pay/
  2. Enter the amount of your invoice in the box next to the “add” button, and then click “add” (do NOT include VAT, our system will add this - if it isn't applicable it will be removed later once your address is known).
  3. You should see the shopping cart page, with the quantity set to the value of the invoice you are paying. Click the "checkout" button
  4. If you have not used our site to make online payments select "new customer", and you'll go through a short registration. Ensure that your address is correct - especially the country, as this will affect whether VAT is added to the total or not. If you have used the system before you can login and the address and other details you gave previously will be seen. These can be amended if they have changed.
  5. It is useful to enter the invoice number from the invoice you are paying into the comments box - this enables us to quickly allocate your payment against that invoice.
  6. Our site will then pass you over to Worldpay to make a secure credit card payment. Double check that the amount shown matches the total on the invoice.
  7. Once payment is complete you should get a receipt email from our website, and a separate one from Worldpay.
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