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What does this policy cover?

This policy governs privacy issues relating to use of the kartris.com web site operated by Cactusoft Ltd., (a company registered in England & Wales) and use of data that passes via our domain from our software.


Our web site uses cookies, and requires these in order that features such as the shopping basket and login system operated correctly. Our site may also plant third party cookies through its use of third party code including but not limited to Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Mailing List

Our mailing list is run through MailChimp. Addresses are collected purely via submission through the MailChimp form, and subsequent verification/confirmation. We use this list purely for our own mailings, and will not rent or sell it to others.


Our software may connect to *.kartris.com subdomains to retrieve latest news, check the latest software version, or for other functionality. We may use such connections to compile statistical information on the number of users and their distribution, but not individual usage patterns of customers. No personal information, or sensitive information such as passwords is ever passed by these systems.

Push Notifications

Kartris runs a push notification service which enables your Kartris site to notify a Windows Store or Android app of new orders and support tickets, and show the number pending of both. By default, this is turned off and no notification relating to orders whatsoever is sent to our servers. This push system must be activated from a config setting if required. Once activated, when an order or support ticket is place, your Kartris site will send a request to our Kartris push service, which in turn sends a notification to the app platform vendor (i.e. Microsoft or Google) to send a push notification to your device. Kartris does not send any information about the content of orders or tickets, or who made them. It only sends notification that there was an order or ticket placed, and the number of pending orders or tickets outstanding. The push service running on our server may log activity either to help us diagnose problems or to help us monitor resources and plan for hardware upgrades, but no identifying information is logged, or indeed available to be logged.

Customer Information

We retain information relating to orders and customers as required by accounting practice.

External Sites

We may link to, or integrate code from third party sites such as social networks. These are governed by their own privacy policies.


While we take every precaution to maintain the security of our site, users visit entirely at their own risk. We recommend that all users concerned about privacy review their browser settings, investigate IP masking services and VPNs and research general good practice in this regard.

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