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Kartris Commercial License v2

1) Cactusoft is the creator and copyright owner of the Kartris software ("Kartris").

2) Cactusoft has made Kartris available for free, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2 ("GPL")

See http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

3) Kartris includes a small visible hyperlink back to www.kartris.com at the bottom right of the screen. The GPL mandates that indications of copyright ownership must not be removed, and consequently those using Kartris licensed under the GPL are not permitted to remove this link.

4) Users who wish to remove the link described in point 3 above can purchase a license issued under the Kartris Commercial License ("KCL") from Cactusoft. The license issued will clearly state the website domains for which it is valid. It is only valid for the domains expressly named in the license document issued by Cactusoft. Installs of Kartris running on any other domain must continue to abide by the terms of the GPL. The license is granted in perpetuity - with no expiry date.

5) The KCL maintains the provisions of the GPL, with the following exceptions

  1. Users are permitted to remove the footer link and any other visible reference to Kartris in the Kartris software running on a web domain for which they have purchased a Kartris Commercial License and have an license document to this effect issued by Cactusoft.
  2. The KCL does not grant any additional rights on top of those provided in the GPL to remove copyright notices in the source code of the Kartris software. These copyright notices must remain intact so that any future user or developer who has access to the software will be aware of its origin, and the ownership of the copyright associated with it.
  3. Nothing in the KCL affects the disclaimers contained in the GPL in sections 10 and 11 notwithstanding that payment to Cactusoft is required for the grant of a Kartris Commercial License. Licensing under the KCL creates no additional warranties to those contained in the GPL. The payment solely grants the right to remove the visible hyperlink back to Kartris, and other Kartris or Cactusoft references visible to a user of the website.
  4. It is not permitted to rebrand Kartris under a different name other than a generic term. For example if XYZ Ltd purchases a license for Kartris under the KCL for use on a web site it is developing it may not brand the software as "XYZ Shopping Cart" either within the software itself, or on any promotional website or material. It is however permitted to refer to Kartris under a generic term, eg "Shopping Cart" or "ASP.NET Shopping Cart".

6) Cactusoft may consider licensing Kartris in specific instances on terms different to those contained in the GPL or KCL. Please contact Cactusoft if you would like to license Kartris under different terms.

7) Cactusoft and the Licensee agree that the legal system of England and Wales will be the appropriate venue and jurisdiction for any legal actions or proceedings instituted in relation to this agreement. If any clause or stipulation of this agreement is found to be invalid or not permissible under law, it shall be be interpreted instead as closely as possible to the original intent that is permissible under law and all remaining clauses or stipulations will remain in force.

11 January 2015

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