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The basics

Kartris is an ASP.NET e-commerce application that features a CMS catalog system, shopping cart, payment systems and full administration back end. It is designed to run on Microsoft's IIS web server, and exploits the powerful caching and optimization features of that platform.

The code is free open-source under the GPL v2 license.

We provide a number of associated services including hosting, technical support and custom development

Support for 1,000,000+ Items

While many systems can easily handle a few hundred products, very often they have not been designed for, or tested with catalogs containing hundreds of thousands or even millions of items. Kartris was developed from the start to handle this number of items, with careful consideration given to reducing the number of queries and improving the execution of the underlying stored procedures.


Search also become far more critical on sites with many thousands of products. A simple SQL 'and/or' search works fine on smaller stores. But on large stores, only a relevance-based keyword search will allow users to return meaningful results, with the best matches at the top (even if one or more of the keywords aren't in the result). The Kartris search can use full-text catalogs and has been carefully refined to ensure it runs fast even on stores with 1,000,000+ items and with multiple searchable attributes per item. Common searches such as by SKU are specially coded into the general search, to ensure matches are quick and placed at the top of results.

The code

The Kartris source code is free under the GPL v2, and written in VB ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms. Database operations are performed via a BLL/DAL and ADO.NET for performance.

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