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Kartris Data Tool

What is the Kartris Data Tool

The Kartris Data Tool is a free desktop application designed to handle data-related tasks for Kartris. The most common use is to import data into Kartris from spreadsheets, XML and some versions of CactuShop (an older classic ASP cart by Cactusoft).

Why have a separate desktop application?

Depending on the volume of data you are dealing with, the importation process can take from several minutes to several hours. Web applications are not best suited to 'number crunching' tasks such as this; the desktop offers more power, stability and less impact on your web site.

What specifically can I do with the Data Tool?

You can:

  • Populate your Kartris site from data in CactuShop v6.x (a classic ASP cart produced by Cactusoft)
  • Copy data from an older Kartris database to the newest format, useful when upgrading a web site
  • Import product data into Kartris from CSV/spreadsheet format, including incremental updates (add products to existing store)
  • Update stock levels in Kartris from CSV
  • Rename and sort product images into the appropriate folder structure when importing CSV data for products
  • Import new languages from the Kartris Language Pack into Kartris
  • Reset a store's admin password

Can I automate the process?

Yes, there is command-line support, so you can call the Data Tool from other programs or scripts which can run as scheduled tasks. For example if you have an external stock system that can output new products or stock levels in CSV format, you could write a .vbs routine triggered by a scheduled task to import the new products automatically every night.

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Userguide: Data Tool

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