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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kartris easy to set up?

Kartris is designed to run on Windows servers; while it is intended for a wider audience than purely web developers, it does require an amount of technical experience and proficiency with Windows. If you're interested in using Kartris for a web site and don't feel comfortable with terms like 'SQL Server' and 'IIS' then you may find it makes more sense to get us to install and set it up for you, or even build and host your whole site.

Does Kartris include source code?

Yes, it is fully open-source. Some libraries are provided in compiled format for ease of setup (for example, the Microsoft AJAX Toolkit). The source code for these is available elsewhere.

Is it free?

Yes. You can use the GPL v2 free open source license, providing you adhere to the terms. In particular, the bottom right of page 'powered by' links that provide warranty and copyright popup information must not be removed.

What if I want to remove those links?

The code is dual-licensed. You can purchase a Kartris Commercial License for your site to remove the 'powered by' copyright and warranty links.

Can I give you some feedback about Kartris?

Sure... best place is on the Kartris Forum

Your demo is in UK Pounds. Can I use it with dollars?

Yes. The cart supports multiple currencies, and you can use any currency as the base one. Default currency is set during installation, but it's simple to change this from the back end later via a single click. Kartris has a special mode to configure the tax handling for various locations (US, Canada, EU and 'other').

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