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Kartris v3.1 "Sunlit Uplands"

25 Feb 2021

The most obvious change for Kartris v3.1 is that the front end default skin has been completely reworked. It's a more modern layout and more easily customizable with separate desktop and mobile user menus.

Brexit has caused a lot of headaches, and we've felt obliged to suffer our fair share of pain by integrating various Brexit-oriented changes for UK users.

  • EORI field added (using customers/users object config setting)
  • Commodity code object config setting at product level
  • EU VAT field option at checkout remains for EU customers of UK stores, as it helps with shipping/customs
  • general.orders.extendedinvoiceinfo - turns on commodity code, weight per row, discounted price per row, EORI, EU VAT number on invoices, can help with filling in shipping documentation
  • Email address added to invoice, can help with shipping documentation

The tax/regional setup wizard has been improved, so it can now rewrite the tax-regime setting in the web.config file, based on selection. Previously this was set at installation/setup, and would have to be changed manually within the web.config file in the unlikely event your store needed to move from one tax zone to another.

The "My Account" section has been reorganized, with a tabbed interface so it's easier to figure out how to change or update billing and shipping addresses, change your password, or update other customer related data.

We have also added an account balance to the "My Account" section.

Flash support has been removed, and the audio media controls which used Flash have been updated to use HTML5, (native browser support). Similarly video now uses only HTML5 native video support.

As always, there are a host of other minor performance and reliability fixes.

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