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Kartris v3.0000 beta

15 Oct 2019

Kartris v3.0000 beta is now available from our downloads page.

The biggest change is the new sub sites features. At present, these are only in the back end, but front end support will be added soon. We wanted to put the new code out there for the other benefits, as well as to get some real world testing of the admin pages for sub sites.

Performance has been significantly improved, with the new indexed lite product view being used both front and back, which provides big speed gains in paging and displaying categories with large numbers of products.

Mail sending now uses Mailkit, which has a number of advantages including the ability to send mail through non-standard secure ports.

A new 'VAT' tax regime has been introduced, which works similarly to the EU VAT regime, but supports only a single country, and therefore does not need the complexity of the EU system where VAT is due to all member countries. This handles New Zealand and some other nations, and potentially the UK after Brexit. Other possibly changes that might be required for Brexit are unclear at this time, but the VAT regime and handling of EU countries is the most obvious.

We have a new default skin which is a work in progress. We've found rather than using a single menu system that is reformatted for mobile screens, it's more flexible to have a simple top level category list on mobile devices, but then a more complex menu for larger screens, which lets us make changes to either without impacting the other.

As always, there are a host of other minor performance and reliability fixes.

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