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Kartris v2.9010

MailChimp support plus performance and usability improvements
25 Nov 2017

Kartris v2.9010 is now available from our downloads page.

We now have an integration for the MailChimp 3.0 API, including ecommerce features. You can now have mailing list opt-ins during checkout added directly to your list in MailChimp, and you can also use ecommerce features like following up abandoned baskets.

There are some major performance improvements in this release; various index improvements and also the code to clean up sessions has been optimized which results in a big boost particularly to very busy sites.

Various minor changes address usability. In the back end, each category now has options to turn all products off (not live) or on. This is useful when using the power pack or search where products will still be visible even if the parent category is turned off.

Easypay and Braintree are now fully integrated payment systems.

The code is available now from the downloads page.


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