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Kartris v2.8 released

PDF shipping labels and refinement to basket operations
29 Jan 2015

Kartris v2.8 is now available from our downloads page.

It incorporates a new feature for printing shipping labels, courtesy of Deadline Automation. There are also various improvements to the way the basket behaves in some situations.

We introduced the concept of 'unit size', and the corresponding product level object config setting several versions ago. This is useful when you wish to price per item, but require that the item is only purchased in multiples of a certain value. For example, you may sell screws in packs of 100, but want to price them per screw. It also works with decimal values - for example, you can price rope by the metre, but allow purchases of multiples of 0.01 (e.g. centimetres) or 0.05 (nearest 5cm). Or you might sell eggs by the dozen (12) but price them individually. This functionality is retained but we've improved some of the handling. Quantity fields are no longer forced to be textboxes - instead if set as dropdown, the dropdown will number in increments based on the unit size, such as 100, 200, 300, etc. If textboxes are used, we default them to the unit size, and also flag any invalid quantity entered with a popup.

On the basket page itself, we flag any attempt to alter quantities to values incompatible with the unit size. If stock tracking is enabled and purchasing out-of-stock items is not allowed, we now not only reduce the value in the basket and display a notification, we also ensure it is reduced to a value compatible with the unit size. So for example, if you try to add 1000 items but we only have 225 in stock, the basket quantity will be reduced to 200 when the unit size is 100, rather than 225.

Tax handling has also been improved so you can now choose to show tax everywhere, nowhere or just on checkout.

There have been some other minor improvements and routine refinements too.

The code is available now from the downloads page.


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