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Kartris v1.4 released

Improved tax, configuration and support for any kind of product customizations using custom controls
20 May 2012
The latest Kartris was released today with a host of new and improved features:
  • Upgraded to ASP.NET 4.0
  • Back end graphing
  • Object config system - framework for extended configuration of products
  • Can now set qty selector, unit-size and $POA at product level, rather than globally
  • Canada tax support (beta)
  • Tax/regional setup wizard in back end, simplifies setup for various tax regimes
  • Markup prices improved; can now mark up RRP and qty discounts
  • Support for setting specific option combination prices (rather than derive prices from selected options)
  • Support for completely custom product controls, configurators for items whose price depends on height/width, algorithms, web-services, spreadsheet lookups, etc.
  • Show supplier name in order summary
  • Shipping price estimate in basket (optional)
  • Option description shows under labels for each option
  • Logging option for callback page
  • Delete option groups and attributes
  • Support for HTML templates for payment gateways that support injecting HTML to success page (Worldpay, etc.)
  • Can now link promotions and coupons, so a coupon code activates any promotion that is set to be not live

The code can be downloaded free from our web site downloads page.


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