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Kartris v1.2 - video, audio and a back end re-design

3 Nov 2010
The proliferation of video and audio on the web has opened up new possibilities for showcasing products. Kartris v1.2 introduces video and audio support, giving store owners the capability to create galleries for both products and versions.
The system is designed to be extensible. Templates for flash video, MP3s and shockwave animations are included. But any media file with a suitable player can be supported. Downloadable media files are also supported, as are embedded videos on sites like YouTube.
The new version also includes a usability overhaul of the back end, moving to a full-width layout, navigable 'populate-on-demand' treeview for categories and products, a movable splitter bar and fixed-position submit/cancel buttons.
The software is available as a free download from the Kartris web site, and will be available through the Microsoft Web App Gallery shortly.
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