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Kartris online documentation system launched

A streamlined online replacement for clunky PDF user guides
9 Jan 2013

Our new tomeCMS-based user guide for Kartris is now live at userguide.kartris.com. It replaces the PDF documentation and introduces a number of improvements that should make it far easier to find Kartris-related information. It's completely open and free to use for everyone.

We developed the tomeCMS system that runs the user guide ourselves after failing to find a suitable product or service after several months of searching. We wanted something that was easy to update and publish online, so any of our developers can fix errors in documentation or add extra information more quickly and with less effort. The new system also allows hot-linking directly to sections or subsections, so we can provide direct links to the appropriate user guide sections from KB articles or even from Kartris back end pages. And it means you can bookmark particular pages of interest directly in your browser.

The keyword search lets you quickly find relavent sections, and the content should also fare better in search engines than a PDF document would, allowing content to be found directly from a Google search in some cases.

We're interested in any feedback on the new system, if you have any suggestions for updates or additional sections you feel would be useful, please let us know.


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