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Paypal TLS 1.2 update / Kartris v2.9003

Action required to ensure your site is ready for Paypal changes
23 Feb 2016
From 17th June 2016, Paypal will only support the TLS 1.2 protocol for secure connections to their site and API. In order to support this, we have updated the Paypal plugin DLL within Kartris, which can be obtained from the latest Kartris zip (v2.9003) in this location:


Microsoft only added support for TLS 1.2 to newer versions of the .NET framework, therefore this new DLL will only work with Kartris v1.4 or above and also requires that you have at least .NET 4.5.2 support installed on your server. There is no possibility of us creating a Paypal DLL for Kartris v1.3xxx and earlier, because these run on ASP.NET 2.0 (including 3.5, which is a branch of that), and there is no TLS 1.2 support within that.

If you accept Paypal on your site, and are running Kartris v1.4 or above, you should ensure you install the new Paypal DLL and that your server is running .NET 4.5.2 or above.

To install the DLL, you may need to restart your site (if you don't have full server access this can be done from within the Kartris back end, either on the home page or the DB admin section). Then, you can FTP up the new DLL to replace the present Paypal.dll file. It would make sense to take a full backup of your site, or at least the Plugins folder, beforehand. You should then run a test order to ensure the new DLL works correctly.

Paypal's servers already support TLS 1.2. Therefore, we recommend taking action now, not leaving it until June, so that there is plenty of time to resolve any issues. This update is free and does not require any license change, you simple need to obtain the new DLL from the free Kartris download on our web site. If you do not replace your present Paypal DLL, it will cease to work from 17th June when Paypal turns off support for older secure protocols.


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