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Kartris setup (shared web hosting)

[#3] Last update 31 May 2012

Unless you have a good reason for not doing so, we'd advise Installing Kartris using the Web Platform Installer. It is by far the easiest way to install Kartris.

If you do have a good reason for not using the Web Platform Installer, read on.

This article covers the basic process of setting up Kartris on shared server web hosting. If you are setting Kartris up on your local computer for development or testing, please see the appropriate article (related links at foot of this article).


Your hosting must be on Microsoft Windows servers and support ASP.NET 3.5 or above. You must also have an MS SQL database (2005, or 2008). MySQL or Access are not supported by Kartris.

Step 1

Download the Kartris zip file from our web site and unzip it to your desktop. Open the containing folder (named k10020, for example) and using FTP, upload the files inside to the root of the www folder to your web. If your hosting supports both ASP.NET 1.1 and 2, make sure it is set to use 2.

Step 2

Once all files are uploaded, type the address of the new site into your browser. You should see the install routine on the screen.

Step 3

The install routine will ask for the license number. Typically Kartris comes with a working license.config file in the root of the web, though this may have some limitations on feature set and duration. The license number for this may be indicated on our web site next to the zip download - if not, you can open the license.config file in the web and view the number there. It will be a series of upper case letters and numbers such as '13ADFE8006'.If you purchase a license, we will typically tell you the license number, although you can also find it from the file in the same way.

Step 4

The install routine will ask you for SQL Server connection details. Don't check the 'Windows authentication' checkbox. You should have been given the following database connection information by your web host:

  • SQL server address
  • database name
  • username
  • password

Enter the information in the spaces provided.

Step 5

Assuming Kartris can connect to the empty database successfully, it will then attempt to create the required database structure and add required data. This process can take a while - perhaps 10-20 minutes - so please be patient.

Step 6

Kartris needs store URL and folder configuration settings set in the database. Generally the install routine will detect and prefill the fields automatically, in which case you don't need to change anything, just proceed to the next step.

Step 7

The install routine will create an admin account and random password. It is important that you copy and paste this somewhere safe as you don't want to lock yourself out of the back end.

Step 8

At the final stage, Kartris will attempt to rewrite the web.config file for your site with the database connection settings and other information. If permissions don't allow this, it will offer the file to you as a download instead. You should download this and then FTP it up to your web site, replacing the old web.config file that is already there.

Step 9

Kartris should now be ready to use. The admin section is located at http://www.yoursiteaddress.xyz/admin/ - you can login with the username and password given to you during the install process. Once logged in, you can change the password and also create extra admin accounts.

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