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Kartris Data Tool command line operations

[#20] Last update 27 Sep 2010

The Kartris Data Tool is a useful accessory that performs a number of data-related tasks for your Kartris store. One common use is to perform incremental updates on the products in your store by importing new products and updating existing ones with new information.

Very often, the external data you wish to import will come from suppliers or a third party program such as an EPOS (electronic point of sale) system, and can be deposited on a nightly (or more regular schedule).

The Kartris Data Tool supports command-line operations, allowing you to write .vps scripts or batch files that can call on it to update your store. These can be set up as scheduled tasks within Windows, allowing for full automation of regular product updates to your store.

Before attempting to automate actions, it is highly advisable that you first ensure everything works smoothly manually. This at least ensures that your data is in an appropriate format and that all the connections and other details you're using are valid.


(MODE = what to do with existing product data)


/OUTPUT:[logfile(default)|display] (optional)
/KARTRISIMAGESFOLDER:[folderpath] (optional)

/TEST (optional)
(TEST = no processing - just check if parameters are all correct)

Usage Example

KartrisDataTool /mode:update /file:c:\user\desktop\exampledata.xls /dbserver:localhost\sqlexpress /usewindowsauth /dbname:kartrisSQL

If you experience any problems, please visit the support forums where there is a forum specifically for Kartris Data Tool issues, or open a support ticket if you have premium support.

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