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Installation - step 3

[#7] Last update 31 May 2012

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Setting the Database Connection

Kartris stores the vast majority of data and settings to an MS SQL database. If you used the MS Web Platform Installer, then the MS SQL software would have already been installed for you.

Server Name

Typically, if using MS SQL Express, the server name should be set to


If you want to double check the name of your MS SQL Server instance, you can open up Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (from your programs menu in Windows) and then check the name shown there. If your database server is running on the internet, or on your network, it might have an IP address or another name, as shown below:

Username and Password

If installing locally (on your own computer), you can generally set the 'use Windows Authentication' box, in which case no username or password is required. If installing on a shared server, your web host will typically provide you with a username and password, in which case you should enter those.

Database Name

If you are on a shared server, your web host will typically tell you the name of your database. If you are installing on a local machine, you can choose the name of the database you want to create, assuming the name is not already in use.

Creating the full table structure, stored procedures and data required to run Kartris can take a few minutes. Kartris will warn you of this if you select the 'create database' option. Be patient and give Kartris plenty of time to finish.

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