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Error: "CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'."

[#18] Last update 31 May 2012

On stage 3 of the Kartris installation wizard, you might get the following error when attempting to create the database:

CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'.

This is a permissions problem. The NT user account under which Kartris is running doesn't have sufficient permissions in the database to create the new database for Kartris. There are various options to remedy this.

Error occurs whilst installing on shared webspace provided by a hosting company

If you are installing on shared web hosting then this probably indicates you've selected incorrect choices when inputting the database details on this stage of the Kartris installation wizard. In most cases your hosting company would have supplied an SQL database name, username and password. You would leave "Use Windows Authentication" unticked, and select to use existing database (using the database name given to you by the host).

The error should not occur as you should not be creating a database, but should instead install in the database created by your host.

Error occurs whilst installing on a local machine, or installing via Remote Desktop

There are a couple of solutions.

1) pre-create the database
You can go into SQL Management Studio and create a new database, then create an SQL user (with password) for it. You can then use these details with the Kartris installation wizard (untick "Use Windows Authentication" and select to use an existing database, entering the name of the one you just created in SQL Management Studio).

2) give the ASP.net user account the correct database privileges
ASP.net runs under different user accounts depending on what version of Windows you are running.

On IIS6 (XP and Windows 2003) ASP.net normally runs under an NT user account called "ASPNET".

On IIS7 (Vista, Windows 2008) it runs under a user called "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE". Permissions for either of these are added in the same way.

Open up SQL Management Studio, and expand the SECURITY/LOGINS tab.Right click and select "New login..."On the resulting dialog click the SEARCH button, then ADVANCED and then FIND NOW. Select the ASPNET or NETWORK SERVICE account as appropriate (see above).Click the OK buttons to confirm, to get back to the "New login" dialog box.On the "Select a page" link on the left hand side of the "New login" dialog, select "User Mapping" and then find the master database. Tick the database, and select OK.The NT account under which the ASP.net pages run should now have sufficient privileges to create the database

On IIS7.5 (Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2) it runs under "app pools", as default "IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool". To switch to Network Service...

a. Open IIS
b. Go to Application Pools
c. Find DefaultAppPool
d. Check the Identity column to see if its set to ApplicationPoolIdentity
e. If it is then click it once and go to the Actions pane and click Advanced Settings
f. In the Process Model group, change the Identity property to Network Service

If you are still having problems, please post on our free support site www.freeaspnetcart.com

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